Beatmaker Sessions



23.01.2013, Fluc

Vienna, Austria

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17.04.2014, Fluc

Vienna, Austria

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10.10.2013, Fluc

Vienna, Austria

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30.08.2014, Celeste

Vienna, Austria

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Beatmaker L!VE Slot – JAX

The next L!VE Slot Winner for the Beatmaker ” The Future of  Music” Sessions on Thursday 18th of September 2014 at fluc, Vienna is: JAX “JAX is a Vienna based Dj/producer/sound artist and a student of the Elak Vienna. When he was playing guitar in several bands as a teenager,[...]


Beatmaker Sessions 18.09.2014 – Preview

Dear peeps, friends, fams and fans of exceptional music! We are back on Thursday 18.09.2014 with regular Beatmaker “The Future of Music” Sessions at the fluc, Vienna. Monthly gatherings with focus on music. Your music! Once a month on Thursday nights, the fluc upstairs will be in the light of[...]


Organic Beatmaker Sessions Wear

Ladies and gents, we´ll have some more Beatmaker Sessions Wear available soon! To order send an email to info[at]beatmakersessions[dot]eu or visit our bandcamp store HERE , additionally we´ll have a minor selection at our events. The new organic & Fair-Wear T-shirts and hoodies are especially comfy and have the best[...]


Beatmaker Tracks Season #2 – release

We are proud to announce the official digital release for the Beatmaker Tracks of the Season #2 competition! Check out the winning tracks and get yourself a copy – Free Download on our bandcamp!! 1. shaR – Wonder 2. Mosch – Certain Degree of D. 3. Disabnormal feat. Matthias Fuchs[...]


Beatmaker Sessions LIVE 31.05.2014 – preview

Yes! This will definetly go down in Beatmaker Sessions history. We are pleased to present four live acts on one night. To be more specific, Saturday 31.05.2014 at the celeste, Hamburgerstr. 18, 1050 Vienna, doors at 10pm. Expect some live beatmaker action! First off we have Skitzophonics (The Paranormal Unicorn)[...]