Beatmaker Sessions

1 Year Anniversary & CD-Release Party, 19.12.2012 – Event Info

“1Year Anniversary & CD-Release Party”
BEATMAKER “The Future of Music” SESSIONS

experimental multi genre night
Mittwoch, 19.12.2012
Fluc WANNE, Praterstern 5, Wien
21:00 – 04:00


/// SAM IRL, Live,
/// HARRY JEN, Live,
/// METAXIS, Live,


/// CD-ALBUM RELEASE – „Beatmaker Sessions Compilation Vol.1“

/// Best of 2012 Beatmaker DJ-Set

/// Visuals

/// Maschine Price Giving


Sam Irl, a young producer originally hailing from a small village in rural Lower Bavaria, has been living and working in Vienna for quite some time now. Besides studying recording engineering at Vienna’s University of Music and Performing Arts he produces tracks of various styles, ranging from sample-heavy MPC Hip Hop beats, analogue tape-recorded synthesizer Funk to raw Broken Beat and Deep House tunes.

He has released on Stuttgart’s Pulver Records, Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings (with Richard Eigner)Bonzzaj Recordings (“Untitled One” with Dorian Concept) in Switzerland and Fresh Minute Music London. Besides releasing his own music he has done remixes for JSBL, Swede:art, Trishes (FM4), Inverse Cinematics (aka Motor City Drum Ensemble) and Munich’s dialect-Hip Hop-group Doppel D.

L!VE Setup: 2x MPC1000, effektgeräte, SP-303 and microkorg.


Harry Jen’s music can best be described as chameleonesque. One moment it’s all Prince-like funkiness, the next moment you find yourself in the midst of a string section playing Steve Reich, or Owen Pallett. James Blake’s fragility meets Skrillex’ monster bass, and the whole frequency spectrum is the playground. In 2009 Harry Jen published his debut album ’Repeat Til’ Cue’ on Fir Way Records, followed by the free download ’Random Beats EP’ in 2011 ( /).”

Moreover, as a solo artist he won the Austrian Newcomer Award, the “TonBild” competition by mica- musicaustria, and just recently, he played at the sound:frame festival and stunned the crowd with his massive beat skills. A great Beatmaker show can be expected. For more info visit

L!VE setup: Shure mic, Korg Kaoss Pad, Mikrokorg, Korg Nanokontrol, M-Audio Midi Keyboard and a MacBook Pro.


Barangatang (Alexander Barang) is a 22 year old electronic music producer from Los Angeles, California and is currently living in Vienna, Austria.  He started making beats in his spare time with his Akai MPC2000xl at age 17, then moved on to Ableton a few years later.  His music ranges from hip hop beats to drum and bass, and would generally classify his tunes as „bass music.“

L!VE Setup: Mac Book Abltone Live & Apc40.


Metaxis is a live-project of the brothers Bogdan . Their live-setup consists of an Elektron Machinedrum + Elektron Monomachine / Octatrack, and really nothing else. Directly inspired by Classic Electronica like Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin and Autechre , but also darker Electro such as Aux 88, with a little bit of British Bass and American Classic Hip Hop chipped into, they produce broody wintery music that reflects the city they live in:  Vienna. Live they have supported similar melancholic electronic artists such as Becoming Real , D/R/U/G/S and Few Nolder (Planet Mu) . It’s Computer Blues from late nights of slugging Lidl beer and blazing high- grade hydrophonics, with plenty of Jack-a-bility.

L!VE Setup: Elektron Machinedrum, Elektron Monomachine, Elektron Octratrack.


Daniel Tschallener aka Versatile and Martin Riha aka MR6 are a production duo based in Vienna. Both have a solid background in audio engineering and music production. Consequently working in that field professionally and as a passion to feast their desire for music. Their music can somewhat be described as IDM, Experimental Beats and Electronica. The project’s Track „System Crash“ will be featured on the upcoming Beatmaker Sessions Compilation and will be played live on the 19th of December in the Fluc Wanne.


L!VE Setup: 2x Elektron Octatrack



To be announced!


21:00 – 22:30  CD-Presentation + BMS Tracks
22:30 – 23:00 1 Versatile&MR6
23:00 – 23:45 2 Metaxis
23:45 – 00:30 3 L!VE Slot Winner
00:30 – 01 :30 4 Harry Jen
01:30 -02:30 5 Sam Irl
02:30 – 03:15 6 Barangatang
till end Best of Beatmaker tracks


VVK-Ticket 6,- @ WienXtra Jugendinfo (Babenbergerstr. 1, 1010 Vienna)
VVK-Ticket + CD-Album 13,- (erhalt 19.12.12. an der Kasse!)

AK 8,- < 12 pm > AK 10,-
All Night: Ticket + CD-Album 15,-


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