Beatmaker Sessions

Beatmaker Interview – EOAE

1. what´s your favorite weapon of choice?

ableton live.

2. what do you prefer, analog or digital sound-production?

I’m producing in ableton live. that’s where it all comes together. my main goal though is, that it shouldn’t sound like digital production. I record more and more stuff on my own, often through the room with the windows open. I also take more and more time with each sound, more and more often they turn out the way I imagined them, which is very pleasent.

3. who inspired you?

flying lotus & arthur russell. they both have a very strong and unique voice and can incorporate seemingly anything into their sound. right now I’m also into these old gaslamp killer mixes, which are a great collection of really strange sounds. and dublab! the best radio station.

4. why do you make music?

music is the one thing that keeps me going.

5. where do you see “the future of music”?

there’s so much going on right now, lots of new music coming out every week that’s really good. I’m optimistic that there’s still a lot to come.

6. how do you see the current state of the music industry?

no comment.

7. how would you describe your genre?

beats/bass music

8. when is your next gig/ album coming out?

hopefully my first album will be finished in 2013. I’m planning to invite some guest vocalists for some of the tracks. but I just started collecting ideas.

9. what would you recommend any upcoming artist?

give yourself enough time to explore your own sound.

10. Anything else you would like to point out?

two friends and I started this music tv-series on okto which gives artists the opportunity to play live on tv. you should check it out! it’s called 12 minutes live and airs one friday every month, 8:30 pm. you can also stream all the episodes on their website:

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