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Beatmaker Interview – HARRY JEN

what´s your favorite weapon of choice?

For production it’s logic audio, grew up with it and stuck to it.
On stage there’s nothing smoother than ableton live, plus a little midi controller of your choice.
Apart from that, whatever comes in handy.

what do you prefer, analog or digital sound-production?

The answer has to be yes, i suppose. It’s way easier to get a GOOD sound out of any digital device, because that’s what they are made for, but on the other hand way harder to get a NEW sound this way. In order to get an interesting sound with a little edge there’s nothing better than recording something with your own hands.

who inspired you?

Huh, i don’t even know where to start. Matthew Herbert is definitely in the top five, but there are so many others, musicians, writers, filmmakers, scientists, not to mention friends and family …

m.c.escher, jazzanova, douglas adams, stevie wonder, monty python, owen pallett, d’angelo, andreas eschbach, neuschnee, taprikk sweezee, nicole jaey, lawrence krauss, david cronenberg, gerafi, moloko, …
that’s gonna be a long list.

why do you make music?

a) i do because i can. i started playing instruments and producing early enough to get good at it early enough, and people seemed to like what i do, so i stuck to it.
b) the initial reason was that i had the feeling that what i wanted to hear hadn’t been done yet. there were cool elements in the music that i heard, but they always seemed to be mixed with bullshit elements, which spoiled the fun, so i tried to make it better. turns out, i simply looked in the wrong places, but nonetheless that’s what got me started.
c) for the pussy. but believe me, there are easier ways.

where do you see „the future of music“?

To a large extent we already arrived there, i think, laptops being the primary instrument to create, record and arrange sounds, plus a lot of fancy devices to make controlling the process as simple and intuitive as possible. the fancy devices will get fancier, is all.

How do you see the current state of the music industry?

I love it. I love the fact that the majors are dying a slow death, making room for interesting, passion-driven, middle-size projects. you can’t get rich as a musician anymore, but i’ve never heard as much fresh, independent, new music as right now. all hail to the interweb!

How would you describe your genre?

I wouldn’t if i didn’t have to. Let others try and wreck their brains. But if you want to know exactly, it’s a kind of post-hiphop-electro-dubstep-house-jazz-blues-funk-graincore-pop-shizzack with some acoustic elements. it varies, though.

When is your next gig/ album coming out?

I’ve had about ten gigs during the last three months, most of them in vienna. those came up quite spontaneously, i didn’t plan to be on stage that often but got invited a lot. so there’s nothing on my schedule at the moment, we’ll see what happens.

my next album is being pressed right as we speak. it’s gonna be vinyl with download code, and will probably be out by the end of march. at the latest!

What would you recommend any upcoming artist?

Don’t do it for money. get yourself a nice part-time office job, so you can do whatever the fuck you want in the studio and never have to make a living out of it. the worst thing that can happen is that you get fed up with your own music, just because it doesn’t pay.

Anything else you would like to point out?


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