Beatmaker Sessions

Beatmaker L!VE Slot – Jax ´n´ Tate

The next L!VE Slot Winner for the Beatmaker ”The Future of  Music” Sessions on Thursday 13th of November 2014 at fluc Vienna are: JAX ’n‘ TATE

„JAX ’n‘ TATE is a collaboration of JAX,  a producer/ DJ/ sound artist studying at ELAK Vienna, and TATE, a Jazz singer, who are both based in Vienna. They come from different musical backgrounds, however producing and playing sound live brought them together. JAX ’n‘ TATE is a project ranging from elaborated vocal experiments over weird gameboy solos, to hard and driving techno. A multifaceted symbiosis of two creative heads. It´s the passion for the dancefloor what they have in common, and that builds the basis of their sound.“

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