Beatmaker Sessions

Beatmaker L!VE Slot – Studio15

L!VE Slot Winner for the next Beatmaker “ The Future of  Music“ Sessions on Wednesday. 24th April 2013 @fluc, Vienna is STUDIO15!

Studio15 is an electronic producer duo from Vienna. Their live performance is solely based on a few pre-composed musical patterns being arranged live with their analog tools as they go along. The outcome is therefore quite hard to predict. They just love to improvise.  Since their beginning it has always been their main interest to be just taken by the music and sounds during their production process. Hence their focus is on the sound and creation, which they primarily do on analog hardware. Well, and they just love to dance, so we can expect some up-tempo beats.

As live equipment they´ll be armed with: Ableton Live, Doepfer A-100 Modular-system, MoogSlim Phatty, Doepfer Dark Time-Analog Sequencer, various FX-Units. And possibly with one or the other item they don´t know yet. So quit some live equipment will be set up that night! Looking forward to another great Beatmaker Session. Give your ears a treat!


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