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Beatmaker Session 05.09.2013 – Preview

Fellow Beatmakers and music lovers we are glad to be back for some more Beatmaker „The Future of Music“ Sessions, on Thursday 05.09.2013 at Fluc, Vienna. It´s gonna be a night packed with new music productions from various genres. It´s gonna be a multi-genre-night that will fill your music loving heart with some new and warm tunes! Local and overseas producers are showing of their skills and let themselves get inspired by fellow musicians. Come down to experience „The Future of Music“ by either taking part actively through submitting a track, by performing the 30min live slot, or just by listening and taking in the music.

The programme will include the DJ-Set with submitted tracks, the 30 min L!VE Slot and special Beatmaker L!VE Guest – ANTIEHDAS.

„Press play, then close your eyes. antiehdas is nothing if not dazzlingly cinematic; you’ll want to concentrate.“

„It begins gently: Warmth. Soul. Layers appear one by one, movement gradually increasing, like some darkly luminescent liquid coming slowly to a boil. Sounds begin to crumble, texturize, gradually crystallizing into the loose suggestion of a backbeat. This continues for quite a while, settles in and soothes, so that when the drop finally comes it’s with an almost physical feeling of Whiplash! – and you’re over the top and screaming downwards. It’s so deep, so utterly persuasive, that it takes a minute before you start to hear the details.Built up piece by piece, like a jigsaw puzzle, the source material is largely field recordings and homemade samples. It’s all about contrasts: rich keyboards and snippets of guitar next to bitcrushed ejecta, next to cryptic voice recordings, underscored by relentless beats that sound synthetic but feel human, all too human . . . all this buried in the darkly pulsing entity of the song, eclipsed by its sheer shirt-grabbing conviction. Even when they’re funny, these songs are serious.“


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