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Beatmaker Session 10.10.2013 – Preview

The next Beatmaker „The Future of Music“ Session is just shortly ahead of us! Thursday 10. Oktober 2013 it is, at fluc, Vienna!

For all of you who are not familiar to the concept. You can submit tracks and we will play them! Yes, we play them! Doesn´t matter if the work is finished or not, we will give it a spin – so you find out all about the good and bad stuff in your track! Also, you can apply for the Beatmaker L!VE Slot, which is 30 minutes of live playtime! So if you wanna get some experience or wanna promote yourself just drop us an email about yourself. Obviously some links would be helpful too!

Aditionally we have got an artist call running, for the Beatmaker Sessions Compilation Vol.2! More info HERE!

So yes get ready for another beat fueled night! It´s gonna be epic!

We´ll have a special guest in store! SKITZOPHONICS!

„Hailing from California, Skitzophonics is now part of the Viennese-based audio-visual artist group The Paranormal Unicorn. When he’s not creating visual installations with his crew, he’s banging away with his fingers on any piece of audio equipment he can get his hands on. A student of the relatively new discipline of „finger drumming“, Skitzophonics is all about bringing live performance to electronically produced music.“

Check out one of his finger drumming clips here: BOOOM!!

and another one because it´s just fun watching!

Looking forward to another great Beatmaker Session!

Send your tracks to via download link or use our soundcloud dropbox here:

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Applicants for the L!VE Slot need to send short biography, plus links and tech rider to

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