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Beatmaker Session 14.11.2013 – Review

Hello boys n girls, male and female Beatmakers, as well as music lovers, who have been part of the last Beatmaker “ The Future of Music” Sessions! It was a pleasure hosting another great night at the Fluc, Vienna!

With the initial movie screening “Welcome to the Machine” we started off the night in an relaxed and entertaining atmosphere, and with lots of information to deal with. Everyone being part of it knows what we are talking about. 150 interviews of industry people giving advice on the most important topics in the business. If you haven´t seen it yet, try to catch the documentary at another music festival or get the DVD / paid streaming as soon as it´s available. A little bird told us that it´s going to be roughly in two months time, just right for the new year!

As usual we presented new track submissions and some of our favorites out of the Beatmaker Artist Pool. We had quite some new tracks to show due to the fact that we´ve just finished our artist call for the Beatmaker Sessions Compilation Vol.2, being released on 19.12.2013!! It´s going to be a special one, that´s what we can already reveal! It´s a pleasure to be able to listen to such amazing and forward-thinking music! More info on the part-taking artists and tracks will be posted in the following weeks, as a round-up, previous to the release! Let´s say a little teasing, to build a bit more excitement amongst you guys! Again, “The Future of Music” – which is in our opinion the artists themselves – are the main focus!

Now, talking about our live guests, we have to say that it was a pretty harmonic and round session. First off the young Viennese producer Karma Art, got us in the mood, with his eclectic and vibey beats! Often accompanied with some vocals of his mates. He´s got an EP lined up, so look out for this fellow in the future! With Levni & Sloth Pallas as our special guests, we definitely made the right choice! Great beats and rhythms accompanied with intrinsic synth lines, that not only got us head-banging but also shaking. Those two Istanbulian Beatmakers, Vienna residents, also got an EP coming up. Soon you guys will be able to pump some tracks of those talented Beatmakers within your own walls. Well, another night to remember!

Listen to the live recording of Levni & Sloth Pallas on our channel HERE! Pictures can be found in our Gallery Section HERE! Enjoy!!

We are looking forward to the next Beatmaker Session on 19th December 2013! This will be a special one since we celebrate the 2nd Anniversary and the release of the Beatmaker Sessions Compilation Vol.2!! Right 2nd year of existence and 2nd compilation album!! Crazy!! So, save the date and be part of another important milestone in Beatmaker history! More info on what´s gonna go down soon!!


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