Beatmaker Sessions

Beatmaker Session 16.04.2012 Quick Recap

Vienna is on!! What a great session yesterday. Promising artists with vision for amazing music. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the 4th one! Special thanks to Twin Flare for an amazing L!VE Set and Kebara for a stunning L!VE show!!

The heat is on for the next one! Come back for the next BEATMAKER “The Future of Music” SESSIONS on 14th May 2012 at Fluc, Vienna, for some more beatmaker tracks and Special L!VE Guests.

We take in applications for the 30 minute L!VE Slot now. So if you got some mad beat and live skills send over some kind of live recording and artist info to be considered.

And obviously for everyone who doesn’t already know it, we always take in new tracks for the next sessions. So as a producer you can submit beats now or work on them for another month.

Pictures, beats and live recordings will be posted soonish.

So long, beat on.

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