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Beatmaker Session 20.02.2013 – Quick Recap

For everyone who missed it, here is a short recap from last week´s Beatmaker “The Future of Music” Session, Wednesday 20 March 2013, presented by sm:artguns music. For some pictures click HERE.

We had some decent submissions, check for the playlist HERE. As always, various styles and genres, as well as different kinds of production qualities. It´s delightful to see improvements each time Beatmakers submit a track. That´s really nice to follow. For us it´s also a great insight in what´s going on with producers. Especially in recognizing the motivation that´s in them so far following their passion, since the music industry is a harsh place to be in.

Also, various styles from the same producers. This shows us that some are still finding their way and genre. Take your time. In our opinion this is very interesting because a combination of a few styles and crossover thingies might just be “The Future of Music”. Or not, who knows. Well, looking forward to new track submissions for the next Session. Suprise us. Do this through our soundcloud dropbox HERE.

Talking about artists and what´s going on, in the future we will also post featured articles such as interviews with previous Beatmaker Sessions´ artists. We are always quiet curious on what´s going on with them nowadays, and what happened since the last time we heard of them. New music explorations, missions and visions! Who knows. We´ll find out!

And well, as titled “The Future of Music” and “experimental multi genre night” we definitely hit the mark with Defilla and Olinclusive for our L!VE acts, at the last Session. The first one more Glitchy and Dubstep oriented and the second more towards Experimental Hip Hop and Future Beats. Olinclusive, member of Dusty Crates, not only performed a massive live beat-set, he gave a performance for his fellow band members to be quite proud of. Live drumming and an improvisatory live performance that made our night .

Go follow them to keep up-to-date with their works. DEFILLA and OLINCLUSIVE!

So that´s it for now. CU guys in March for some more BEATMAKER SESSIONS!

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07.03.2013 – Beatmaker Sessions x MASCHINE Special with Comfort Fit (Berlin, Tokyo Dawn Records).

20.03.2013 – Beatmaker „The Future of Music“ Sessions with Abby Lee Tee (Linz, 15pcs. Records).

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