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Beatmaker Session 20.02.2014 – Preview

Here is a preview for the upcoming Beatmaker “The Future of Music” Session on Thursday 20.02.2014 at fluc, Vienna (as usual ;).

We will have our good old friend Harry Jen back on stage! He´s got a new live set cooked up, which we don´t want you guys to miss out. We´ve already heard a little preview and have to say that he hit the needle on the head with that one. Not only loaded with his pure funkiness but also with a lot of beautiful spheric and chilled out beats paired with his great synth and key skills. Sweet Jesus, we want that it is Thursday already. Let us dig into electronic music with all its facets. A live-electronic music experience – your major live changer. Never again cheesy mainstream tunes that keep the majority floating.

Now, more than ever we wanna present you guys the freshest stuff of Austria’s elite and upcoming producers. And due to the amazing worldwide web, some cool people with great taste in music from regions further than we can look, are going to join the action. Support your local music dealer, whereby local could also mean in that case a bit further away than before. And appreciate their musical output. The journey through the future of music will never stop, so let us be part of it and set a milestone in its history. Boom Biddy Bye Bye is still awesome, but from yesterday. Enter the Wu is still burning but classic. Born Slippy still gets us but is somehow outdanced. Still rocking with Moby on the Beach and getting carried away. But, let´s be the Flying Africa Bambaataa Kraftwerks of tomorrow! Is this a mission or a goal, nope it´s just fun and the present. Ups, we got a little carried away.

Anyway, get your electronic gear together, squeeze out your best and freshest homemade juice and send it in to be included in our Beatmaker DJ-Set where we distribute your healthy diet. Send download link of your tracks to beatmaker[at] Yes, download link no full file, the mailbox will otherwise burst with such big packages. Alternatively if you managed to setup a soundcloud account, which we actually highly recommend, you can send us tracks through our soundlcoud dropbox HERE. Which is quite easy too! We are curious to hear what comes out of your hard- and software this time.

Also, if you think you are ready and got what it takes to pump some beats through some live equipment, send us a mail with a little description about yourself, ambitions, dreams and lost loves. Nope, just a few words! Three to four sentences about yourself, plain and simple. If possible, some links to your fanpages and tracks. If no web presence or whatsoever because you are going the old school way, which we also think is an eligible way of doing it to get to the olymp of producers. In case you actually want it. With touring at your mums and your friend´s friends, giving out self-recorded cassettes or such self-scribbled flyers. Which will probably cost more time and money than just using some modern tools – is also no problem. Well, point, argument made, comment, closed – just get the info and music to us somehow.

So long beat on, see you on Thursday!

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