Beatmaker Sessions

Beatmaker Session 22.05.2013 – Preview

For the last time before our summer break we go down the road of the unknown. Tracks of local and some overseas producers will take you into sound dimensions you haven´t seen or heard before. Let´s be precise:  “The Future of Music”. Listen to music that´s not in the charts or on air waves yet. Be part of something unique and special. The origin and birth place of yet to be discovered tracks.

The Beatmaker “The Future of Music” Sessions spaceship will take off on Wednesday 22.05.2013 9pm sharp at fluc, Vienna. No need to book your ticket, check in your bags or go through some nasty security check. Everyone is welcome to be part of this unique voyage and, even welcome to actively maneuver the journey through soundscapes with their own music.

Submit tracks through our soundcloud dropbox here:

Send us your soundsOr take part in our competition “Beatmaker Tracks of the Season #1”, deadline 22.05.2013. One beat to ignite you on top of the Beatmaker universe. Win one of 3 single releases and hardware from Alesis and Akai. More info HERE.

Next to our DJs we have invited some special Beatmaker friends to take us even further!

L!VE Slot Winner – The Unused Word

Darkish, but always with the right feel and portion of hope! This is how The Unused Word sounds like. The 28 year old producer, singer and composer has released her first EP „∞ (infinity)“, through the Viennese label Duzz Down San, in March 2013. With her live program she creates a seemingly audio visual movie of organic beats, her voice and the sound of a Fender Rhodes piano.

Special L!VE Guest – ÆLEN

ÆLEN is the recently formed project of drummer and producer Niklas Schneider from Cologne and producer LBS from Vienna/Munich resident. Both are beat affine artists, dedicated to Hip Hop and Electronic madness. Behind their massive sound hides a reduced drum set and two midi-controllers.

AELEN from Moritz Schneider on Vimeo.

Let the journey of music be insightful, experiential and especially mind-blowing! Looking forward to another beat and bass fueled night!

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