Beatmaker Sessions

Beatmaker Session 23.01.2013 – Preview

New Year new Beatmaker Sessions! We are glad to be back in 2013 for some more great Wednesday night gatherings. Come down to listen to „The Future of Music“,  your own or you friends new productions, absorb the feedback of the crowd or get inspired by other Beatmakers´ fresh musical outputs.

If you got the skills to play your music live with hardware, controller or such apply for the 30minute L!VE Slot. And as usual we have some Spcial L!VE Guests lined up for the upcoming Sessions. Next up:


Monophobe is an Alter Ego of Maximilian Walch. Bored by monotony of conventional music, he started to seek additional possibilities for musical expression. What’s a Tone? A Sound? A Noise? It’s a never-ending quest.

monophobia – the fear of boredom


At the 10th Beatmaker „The Future of Music“ Session on Wed. 23.01.2013 at fluc, Vienna, he´ll give us a little taste of his forthcoming Influence EP, check out one track here:


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