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Beatmaker Session 23.01.2013 – Quick Recap

Last weeks´ Beatmaker „The Future of Music“ Session, Wed. 23.01.2013 at fluc, Vienna was really nice again. Although we had a live-act cancel on short notice, we found just the right act to make up for it. Iron Skills – a newly formed Electronica group from Vienna, with deep slow stomping beats. They were more than appropriate for the 30minute L!VE slot. With quite some hardware, effects and synth they created a sound space with beats and glitches to get your head banging and just feel right.

With Monophobe we added a very ambitious act as our special L!VE guest to the bill. The young talented Beatmaker is definitely not one to be missed in the future. Quite glad that we had him around for our 10th Session. His upcoming Influence EP should also be expected with great joy. All bass and beat lovers with experimental touch, will dig it. Get a pre-listen HERE.

The first year of Beatmaker „The Future of Music“ Sessions just passed and we are happy to be back for more, and quite proud that we keep receiving a lot of warm and lovely feedback in what we have been doing so far! Thanks!

Well, this obviously is only possible due to the involvement of young up`n` coming artists and also rather established once submitting tracks to keep the programme vivid and going. So much love and respect to them. By doing what they are doing they enrich our grey world with colours and fill our lives with  music to link to some more great memories.

Over the last year we’ve accomplished in our kind of sense quite a lot. With 10 Sessions on our back, with great quality electronic and beat music and various live acts to cheer to, as well as an official CD/ digital release „Beatmaker Sessions Compilation Vol. 1“, to promote the artists and Sessions even further, we really look forward to what´s coming next. Since we still cannot get enough and got some more great ideas in mind!

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The BMS Playlist of Wed. 23.01.2013 can be found on our blog and some pictures in our GALLERY section or on our new facebook fanpage (like it to keep up-to-date!).

Looking forward to the next Session on Wednesday 20.02.2013. Apply now for the 30minute L!VE Slot through or submit tracks through Next special L!VE guest will be announced shortly.


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