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Beatmaker Session 24.04.2013 – Recap

Great! Another Beatmaker “The Future of Music” Session just passed and another, last one for this season, ahead of us.

The submissions for the DJ-Set were again a broad range of styles. But the main focus was on a nice selection of futuristic beats and wild energetic electro. With the word spreading and receiving recognition even outside of our boarders the night is getting more and more interesting. And, with the competition in place it is pretty exciting too. Check out the newest entries here:

We´ll find out in a month who´s going to take home the title. With the motto “no progress without competition” we set up the contest, but we still feel and urge that the sound should be the main focus. So, listen, appreciate and learn. And most of all, get inspired for your own progress.

We just love all the music we receive and the fact that we are able to present it to our crowd every month. Hope you do too!

Well, with the last Beatmaker Session we went a bit on the side track to discover some heavy synth influenced live performances, straight to the beat. The stage, not being the couch world anymore, but rather, transformed into a real stage loaded with heavy gear. Particularly, 8 synth, effects and drum machines for two Viennese electronic acts showing of their skills. A perfect demonstration of what is possible with all those tools. No arguing with that, they both delivered a solid show.

24_04_13_07Studio 15, our 30min L!VE Slot Winners, were loaded with a self-created modular system, put together with only passion and love for the sound. If you need to know, it even has a name. Their 3rd crew member “Waltraud”. And, she is a beauty, delivering warm analog sound for perfection and spheric music.  But listen for yourself what their interpretation of live “The Future of Music” is HERE.

24_04_13_012The night was filled with synth and electro based sounds. Austrian Apparel, our Special L!VE guests from Vienna, took this even further. Those two guys will rock the dancefloors of the future. Two sound-technicians who definitely know their trade. Try to catch them at their next live performance, we promise, you won´t regret it! Analog synthies for the win!

Some pictures can be found in our galleries section and a roundup of our most favourite submissions will follow at the end of the Season. So work on your productions to impress at the next Beatmaker Session or even join the competition to win a single release plus goodies!

See you at the next Beatmaker “ The Future of Music” Session on Wednesday 22nd May 2013 at fluc, Vienna, with L!VE Guests – AELEN. Check out the teaser HERE!


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