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Beatmaker Session Wed. 12.09.2012 – preview

Here we go again!!! We are proud to announce to be back for some more future of music. The next BEATMAKER “The Future of Music” SESSIONS presented by SM:ARTGUNS Music is on Wednesday 12. September 2012 at fluc, Vienna. As usual the program includes the BEATMAKER DJ-SET, featuring brand-new tracks and creative outputs of promising music producers, the winner of the BEATMAKER L!VE SLOT and a very special BEATMAKER L!VE GUEST.


The DJ-Set is all about new music and future sounds. As a producer you get the possibility to send in your own finished or unfinished musical productions, be it instrumental hip hop, future music, beat music, minimal techno, progressive house, dubstep, d´n´b, trance, or any other genre that exists or doesn´t exist yet and might hit the shelves in the future. It is an experimental multi genre night. The question to be solved is: “What´s the future of music?” Present your own stuff to a music conscious audience, get a feel for your own output and be inspired by other beatmakers. We are really looking forward to present some new tracks.



Any Beatmaker can apply for a 30 Minute BEATMAKER L!VE SLOT for the next Sessions. Get your act together and apply now. We are in for old and new talent. As a winner you´ll be featured in all our PR activities. Additionally you´ll receive a live-recording and press pix of your show.


BEATMAKER L!VE GUEST – Beatset – SZENARIO (Project: Mooncircle, Berlin; Supercity, Vienna)

Szenario is a Hip Hop and Beat Music Producer. He is known for releases on the label Supercity. Recently he released the LP Hypnotic Machine through Project: Mooncircle, a Berlin-based label. “Images of classic movies come to mind while listening to the “Hypnotic Machine“ by Vienna-based beatsmith Szenario. Whether a thriller, crime story or action flick, this album will turn your imaginary cortex into a screen for a true cinematic experience.“ (Project: Mooncircle, 2012).

SZENARIO“What most people believe to be a Vienna-based producer, is in actual fact, a weird creature living in the native forests and mountains of the Bohemian Alps. Feeding on all kinds of herbs and roots as well as insects and mollusks, Szenario only leaves his hiding place after sunset to rummage for food in the moss and soil, utilizing his sensitive antennae. Every once in a while, during obscure rituals passed on from ancient cults, Szenario assumes human shape and can be seen with peculiar beat machines which have been used during sacred rites in temples centuries ago (Project: Mooncircle, 2012).”

Looking forward to another great night with amazing tunes!

WATCH OUT: Some more great news and updates coming soon!

So long, beat on!



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