Beatmaker Sessions

Beatmaker Sessions 19.03.2015 – Preview

This Thursday, 19.03.2015, we celebrate another milestone! The 30th Beatmaker “The Future of Music” Sessions at the fluc in Vienna. Beats, Bass and Electronica dominated nights with loads of different kinds of electronic live music. Come down to get inspired, to listen to some new track submissions of local and international artists and to have a good time!

For this month`s Beatmaker Session we have invited an old friend Kamutao, who’s about to leave Vienna for some time to whatever comes next. We feel that it would be nice to have him around once more to spin some of his very own and finest sample Hip Hop beats.

“Kamutao, aka Egyptian Cat Food, a sample wizard from Barcelona, invokes the spirit of many legendary characters to create hypnotic loops and far-out soundscapes. A weird mix between Frank Zappa, Gary Panter and Charles Mingus. He is part of the amazing PIR▲.MD Records collective and creates some impressive artworks and collages you need to see for yourself.”

The Beatmaker L!VE Slot will be announced the next days.

Beatmaker / music producers, do send your recent productions, finished or work-in-progress, beat music, experimental sounds, electronica, bass stuff, house, etc. we’ll give it a listen together while blasting it over the fluc soundsystem!

See you soon! BMS team! 1L

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