Beatmaker Sessions

Beatmaker Sessions 22.04.2016 – Preview

We are really looking forward to this Friday, 22.04.2016, for the Beatmaker Special at fluc, Vienna. We’ll be using the stage again and have three live beamaker plus a surprise act in store for you. This is going to be mad.

The Regensburg crew is going strong this time. We have Loop Schrauber around who is going to be armed with his Sp404 and some crunchy beats. Plus Isle a beatmaker-duo with Midi-controllers and a live piano to deliver some pure dopeness and jazzy hip hop-heaven like tunes. These guys travel to Vienna to make that night worth your while.

As our special live guest we have invited Melik (Dusty Crates) + a surprise act. „Melik is a Beatmaker/Producer, based in Vienna. Nothing much to say about him, because he does not like to speak (about himself). He says, “music can´t be described through words”. Music is emotion – Music is good – music can be bad, just like humans, it depends on the taste you´ve got – just as some people like it clean and some others dig it raw.“

Additionally we are running the „Beatmaker Tracks of the Season“ contest again! What’s been sitting on your laptop or sampler for a while and needs some more attention!? We are looking for tracks that are worthy winning an Akai MPD232 pad controller or Akai Tom Cat drum machine + an official digitla release. Submit via email/ download link, or through soundcloud by uploading your track. Anything goes! More details on how to enter HERE.

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