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Beatmaker Tracks Season #3 – release

We are proud to announce the winning tracks of the Beatmaker Tracks Season # 3 contest, supported by M-Audio and Akai Professional!

1. Tsi x Mosch – Spacecake
2. Sycho Gast – Chilling Space
3. Alos – Dreamers

All other major platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Spotify, Deezer, etc. will follow in about two weeks!

The winners are made up of fan votes and jury votes. The criterias the jury had to judge the entries on were e.g.: progression / feel / creativity / arrangement / quality of production.

The first place goes to Tsi and Mosch, two forward-thinking musicians of the Duzz Down San fam. What other to expect than such a versatile, creative and futuristic take on a track, when two already great musicians come together. A beautiful crossover experimental electronica, dubish and dronelike track. Big Congrats and we hope you guys enjoy the M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro when jamming together!

The second place goes to this very energetic and powerful Future Bass and Hip Hopish Beat by Sycho Gast. He cought our attention right at the beginning. Not only is this track very well produced and arranged but also the melody is just striking and taking you away. With no doubt this Turkish underground music producer well deserves the second place.  Congrats and we wish you lots of fun with the Akai Professional APC Key 25.

And, the third place goes to Alos, a producer duo from Vienna. This also very dreamy and melodic, somewhat darkish and powerful track, was highly ranked among the jury. The voices are beautifully woven in and build a dynamic underlying melody and vibe. Big props on this one aswell and congratulations for the official release!

Also big thanks to all the other artists who took part in our contest! Lots of promissing and talented beatmaker. For all the entries check out the contest playlist HERE!


„With the intention to support and challange artists we set up this competition. It should give them the chance to present themselves to a bigger audience.

We like to deliver a wide range of music to our followers. This is mainly up to the beatmakers submitting tracks and their own interpretation of “the Future of Music”. 

The likes and tastes vary. We are glad that a mixture of music is happening!  Looking forward to more great music!

Please send feedback, positive and/or  negative to info[at]! Your feedback is appreciated!“


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