Beatmaker Sessions


We decided to run another „Beatmaker Tracks of the Season“ contest.

The contest should give you the possibility to raise attention as an artist and the chance to even win an official release and music production hardware on the way.

Submit your tracks previous to any of the upcoming Beatmaker DJ-Sets! More info on how to and the guidlines are provided below.

We are looking foward to play and listen to your track submissions at the next Beatmaker „The Future of Music“ Sessions on 16.04.2015, and 14.05.2015, at fluc, Vienna!

1st Place

official Beatmaker Sessions Release + M-Audio – Trigger Finger Pro


2nd Place

official Beatmaker Sessions Release + Akai APC Key 25


3rd Place

official Beatmaker Sessions Release

BMTracks Season1      Beatmaker Tracks Season #2  

“official online single release through sm:artguns music. Which means your track will be available in more than 300 download and streaming stores worldwide, like iTunes, Beatport, JunoDownload, Spotify, Amazon, Musicload, Deezer and many more…”

Contest supported by M-Audio & AKAI Professional


  • any music producer/beatmaker can submit 2 tracks (so you got two chances to win. Same style or different style – up to you! —>>ann. 06.05.15 if you missed the first deadline (16.4) you can only submit one for 14.05.15 <<—.
  • 1 track for each upcoming Beatmaker DJ-Set. deadlines: 16.04.2015 (1st) , 14.05.2015 (2nd), 21:00h (UTC+1).
  • upload each track on your soundcloud profile (you can upload any time from now), titled: Track Name x Beatmaker Sessions; add a track description e.g.: „track submission for the Beatmaker Tracks Season #3 contest. more info
  •  send us an informal email including:
    1. Soundcloud streaming link (we will add your track to the contest playlist on our soundcloud profile).
    2. Download link of your track (e.g dropbox,; our mailbox will appreciate that, no attached files!).
    3. Some infos about your track (e.g. How you came about to make it, and why; what kind of mood; best time to play; uplifting, down-tempo; etc.)
    4. Links to your online artist pages. (e.g. homepage, facebook, soundcloud, twitter, etc.)
    5. Short Biography (like 3 to 4 lines about yourself).
  • only submit unreleased and exclusive tracks .
  • you must be the rightsholder of all your musical work submitted.
  • all muscial rights remain with you. Some rights need to be transfered in case of contest win and release.


  • adhere to the above mentioned rules.
  • 40 % fan votes (amount of Plays, Favourites, Comments, Likes, Shares, Tweets; We´ll check how your track performs overall).
  • 60 % jury votes (music industry people).


April, 16.04.2015, 21:00h (UTC+1).
May, 14.05.2015, 21:00h (UTC+1).

fan voting till 23.05.2015!


for more info feel free to contact:

Previous winners and releases:


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