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We decided to run another “Beatmaker Tracks of the Season” contest. The contest should give you the possibility to raise attention as an artist and the chance to even win an official release and music production hardware on the way. Submit your tracks previous to any of the upcoming Beatmaker[...]


Beatmaker L!VE Slot – Fuzl

The next L!VE Slot Winner for the Beatmaker ”The Future of  Music” Sessions on Thursday 19th of March 2015 at fluc Vienna is: Fuzl FUZL – “illegally produced liquor is called “Fusel” in german slang. The used raw materials are mostly of minor quality and the distillers are unevolved, respectively[...]


Beatmaker Sessions 19.03.2015 – Preview

This Thursday, 19.03.2015, we celebrate another milestone! The 30th Beatmaker “The Future of Music” Sessions at the fluc in Vienna. Beats, Bass and Electronica dominated nights with loads of different kinds of electronic live music. Come down to get inspired, to listen to some new track submissions of local and[...]


Beatmaker Sessions LIVE – It´s Album Time at celeste

“It´s Album Time!” – we have got a special Beatmaker Sessions LIVE event coming up on Friday, 06.03.2015 at celeste, Vienna, where we´ll put attention to the recent and upcoming works of our live-artists! Let´s pay some homage to their albums and appreciate their great musical outputs! Our live guests[...]


Beatmaker L!VE Slot – Ficture

The next L!VE Slot Winner for the Beatmaker ”The Future of  Music” Sessions on Thursday 19th of February 2015 at fluc Vienna is: Ficture (H) “Ficture is Gábor Tokár, a Bratislava based Hungarian producer, sound designer and drummer. Being influenced by the most diverse music styles, producers and bands he[...]


Beatmaker Sessions 19.02.2015 – Preview

Alright folks! Beatmaker, music conscious audience, friends and fans of quality electronic music! The 29th Beatmaker “The Future of Music” Sessions is just shortly ahead of us, Thursday 19.02.2015 at the fluc upstairs. As our special Beatmaker L!VE guest we have invited firnwald a Beatmaker from Trostberg, Germany, who has[...]


Beatmaker L!VE Slot – DJ Wax 865

The next L!VE Slot Winner for the Beatmaker ”The Future of  Music” Sessions on Thursday 21st of January 2015 at fluc Vienna is: Wax 865 “DJ Wax 865, originally from Germany – Bayreuth, came to live in Vienna loaded with his two turntables. He discovered beat producing along his passion[...]


Beatmaker Session 22.01.2015 – Preview

New year, new Beatmaker “The Future of Music” Sessions! This time the event is going to be again a bit more hiphopish, with live instrumentals and sample beats. Once more we have invited  WINDSHADOW a producer and live drummer from Salzburg. He has been part of the Austrian music scene[...]


Beatmaker L!VE Slot –

For all you guys who don´t know it yet, we have set up “gigs” on to better manage our “Beatmaker L!VE Slot” applications! At each Beatmaker “The Future of Music” Session we have a 30min live slot available for live artists.  In order to handle and advertise those slots[...]


Beatmaker Sessions Compilaton Vol.3 – Artists

Artists involved in the Beatmaker Sessions Compilation Vol.3, release 19.12.2014,  are: 01. theclosing “theclosing is a Vienna-based music and art group consisting of Daniela Auer, Alexander Hengl and Lukas Lehner. The three have been working together since 2004 towards the goal of making beguiling and original electronic music that evades[...]

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