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Beatmaker Sessions Compilaton Vol.3 – Artists

Artists involved in the Beatmaker Sessions Compilation Vol.3, release 19.12.2014,  are: 01. theclosing “theclosing is a Vienna-based music and art group consisting of Daniela Auer, Alexander Hengl and Lukas Lehner. The three have been working together since 2004 towards the goal of making beguiling and original electronic music that evades[…]

Beatmaker Tracks Season #1 – release

We are proud to announce the official digital release for the Beatmaker Tracks of the Season #1 competition! Check out the winning tracks and get yourself a copy! 1. Barangatang – Delectable 2. Deef – Drop it like it drops 3. Eoae – Mangana,,,, name[…]

Beatmaker Session 22.05.2013 – Quick Recap

What more can we say; we love it! Some really awesome few months have just passed! Great Wednesday nights with great people, unique music submissions and live acts! Now it´s a bit sad to actually go on a summer break. But well, we and you guys need some rest to[…]

Beatmaker Sessions March 2013 – Quick Recap

Was nice to see so many interested people around for the Beatmaker Sessions x MASCHINE Special, Wed. 07.03.2013 at Fluc, Vienna. Obviously it was a special occasion. Not only because of the MASCHINE workshop, but also because of Comfort Fit´s stunning live performance at the end of the session. Definitely[…]

Beatmaker Session 14.05.2012 Review

Now, what to say!? We are still pretty speechless at the sm:artguns HQ after this amazing last BEATMAKER “The Future of Music” SESSION on 14.05.2012 at Fluc, Vienna. With various styles of new track submissions and two mind-blowing L!VE Sets, combined with a music conscious audience, that went mental over[…]

Beatmaker L!VE Slot Winner – BARANGATANG

Here we go. For our next BEATMAKER “The Future of Music” SESSIONS on Monday 14.05.2012 @ Fluc, Vienna we´ll have BARANGATANG play a 30 minute Live Set. „Barangatang (Alexander Barang) is a 22 year old electronic music producer from Los Angeles, California and is currently living in Vienna. He started[…]

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