Beatmaker Sessions


Beatmaker Sessions Compilaton Vol.2 – Artists

Artists involved in the Beatmaker Sessions Compilation Vol.2 are: 01 Las Vegan „Las Vegan is male, unknown, from Vienna, Austria. His aim is to produce electronic music without restrictions, and music that just feels right to him. Doesn´t matter if it´s IDM, Hip Hop or Techno. Las Vegan mixes the[…]

Beatmaker Session 14.11.2013 – Review

Hello boys n girls, male and female Beatmakers, as well as music lovers, who have been part of the last Beatmaker “ The Future of Music” Sessions! It was a pleasure hosting another great night at the Fluc, Vienna! With the initial movie screening “Welcome to the Machine” we started[…]

Beatmaker Session 14.11.2013 – Preview

The next Beatmaker „The Future of Music“ Session on Thursday 14.11.2013 at fluc, Vienna is going to be a special one. Not only is on that day the deadline for track submissions for the Beatmaker Sessions Compilation Vol.2, but we will also show a full length music industry documentary „Welcome[…]

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