Beatmaker Sessions


Beatmaker Sessions March 2013 – Quick Recap

Was nice to see so many interested people around for the Beatmaker Sessions x MASCHINE Special, Wed. 07.03.2013 at Fluc, Vienna. Obviously it was a special occasion. Not only because of the MASCHINE workshop, but also because of Comfort Fit´s stunning live performance at the end of the session. Definitely[…]

Beatmaker L!VE Slot – NICOLE JAEY

L!VE Slot Winner for the Beatmaker Sessions x MASCHINE Special on Thursday. 07. March 2013 @fluc, Vienna is NICOLE JAEY. „Nicole Jaey is a producer & singer/songwriter from Vienna. Her style is affected by spherical, bass oriented dance beats with influences from jazz, pop and house music. The thread running[…]

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