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Beatmaker Session 11.12.2014 – Preview

It´s this time of the year again where we have a fully loaded schedule ahead of us! First off, the Thursday Beatmaker „The Future of Music“ Session with our regular program plus the first sneak peek into the upcoming Beatmaker Sessions Compilation Vol.3! We´ll have a pre-listing session of the[…]

Beatmaker Sessions Compilaton Vol.2 – Artists

Artists involved in the Beatmaker Sessions Compilation Vol.2 are: 01 Las Vegan „Las Vegan is male, unknown, from Vienna, Austria. His aim is to produce electronic music without restrictions, and music that just feels right to him. Doesn´t matter if it´s IDM, Hip Hop or Techno. Las Vegan mixes the[…]

Beatmaker Session 20.02.2013 – Quick Recap

For everyone who missed it, here is a short recap from last week´s Beatmaker “The Future of Music” Session, Wednesday 20 March 2013, presented by sm:artguns music. For some pictures click HERE. We had some decent submissions, check for the playlist HERE. As always, various styles and genres, as well[…]

Beatmaker Session 20.02.2013 – Preview

11th Beatmaker „The Future of Music“ Session coming up on Wednesday, 20.02.2013, at fluc Vienna, start 9pm sharp. Once again you get the chance to submit your tracks for our Beatmaker Dj-Set. You can do this through our soundcloud dropbox HERE or through a download link sent to beatmaker[at] Use[…]

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