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Beatmaker Session 10.10.2012 Quick Recap

Last week´s Beatmaker „The Future of Music“ Session, on Wednesday 10. October 2012 at fluc, in Vienna, was a blast. We didn´t expect that. Obviously we know according to the track submissions how much of a return we get. But this was unexpected. Check out the pictures HERE. First off,[...]


Beatmaker Session 14.05.2012 Review

Now, what to say!? We are still pretty speechless at the sm:artguns HQ after this amazing last BEATMAKER “The Future of Music” SESSION on 14.05.2012 at Fluc, Vienna. With various styles of new track submissions and two mind-blowing L!VE Sets, combined with a music conscious audience, that went mental over[...]

Beatmaker Sessions 16_04_2012 Fluc Wien

Beatmaker Session 16.04.2012 Quick Recap

Vienna is on!! What a great session yesterday. Promising artists with vision for amazing music. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the 4th one! Special thanks to Twin Flare for an amazing L!VE Set and Kebara for a stunning L!VE show!! The heat is on for the next one! Come[...]


Beatmaker Session 22.02.2012 quick recap

What a night! What a 3rd session! Thanks again to everyone who came down, handed in a beat and has been part of this project so far. Again – great atmosphere with great music and people. Various beat submissions for an inspiring Beatmaker Dj-Set and two L!VE-Acts with massive beat-skills[...]


Beatmaker Session 19.12.2011 recap

Thanks to everyone who handed in a track and came down to make the first Session a great success! We all did really enjoy it! In the following weeks leading up to the next Session on Wednesday 11.01.2012 we´ll be posting some pictures as well as beats we received. To[...]

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